Mixed Breed – Mutt.

Meet the real underdog, the one far more likely to end up in a shelter than a purebred. To adopt a mixed breed is to celebrate diversity and root for the little guy. It often also means you’re saving a dog — one who really needs one a home.
But there’s a practical side to adopting a mutt as well. They tend to be healthier than purebreds. A mix can be a softer, less intense version of a purebred. Some fans even say mutts are smarter–though this claim is hard to verify.
But all that may be beside the point. Your little whatever-he-is will find a way into your heart, whether he’s running down tennis balls thanks to his dash of Labrador, or snuggling in your lap (perhaps some bichon frise?). Who knows, and–in the end–who really cares. He or she is your dog.