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Greater Success is Within Your Reach With This Month’s GUEST EXPERT

This audio session is about being an entrepreneur and the many hats you wear and Susan Sims does it so seamlessly that I wanted to know her secrets and to share them with you.
Susan is founder and publisher of FIDO Friendly, the Travel & Lifestyle magazine for you and your dog on where to travel and stay.

You’ll hear about how she started over…her first business affected by an earlier recession taught her great lessons to know what to do differently this time. You’ll gain time and money saving tricks for starting a business; how to create a team to help you do it; tips on social media and how it’s helped her business soar; and a SECRET TIP that any business can implement — so powerful it brings her thousands of hits to her site, new clients and increased revenue. She believes that one aspect alone has helped recession proof her biz.

Don’t miss this audio seminar available ONLY THROUGH JULY 30th.

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