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Stop Barking!

Sheryl Matthys, The Dog Expert Jan. 2011 One of the most popular questions people ask at Leashes and Lovers is, “How do I stop my dog from barking so much at other dogs, people, kids,…” Many dogs bark or whine – it’s natural.  But, why?  Well, they are doing this to...

The Internet: a puppy mill’s best friend

The Internet: a puppy mill’s best friend
Oct. 2010
Imagine… you’re searching online for a new puppy and you stumble onto a web site that appears to have just the one you’ve been looking for. According to the site, the pup is vaccinated, in good health, and has his official papers. There are even photos: in one, the puppy is scampering through a field of daisies; in another, he’s curled up by the fireplace in a comfy little bed.
Now imagine that everything you’ve just seen and read is a lie.