Products and Trends in the pet world has awarded Soft-Hearted Products their “Editor’s Choice Award” for best pet memorial product. Every year Pet Style News Magazine searches for the finest and most innovative new pet products and awards them this coveted distinction.

According to Pet Style News the Soft-Hearted Pillow is “A major departure from the wood, ceramic and stone urns available on the market, this product gives the mourning pet owner a way to continue to hold and hug the lost pet in the form of a velvet-soft pillow with the pet’s ashes safely contained inside a zippered pouch at the center.”

This unique pillow urn is the creation of Patricia Moore of Naples, Florida who lost her beloved dog, Samantha, her constant companion of 15 years. “I was devastated”, Moore says. “She was always with me, I missed that so much”. Moore vowed to create a product for pet owners that would soften their loss while offering something that could be held close.

The Soft-Hearted Pillow is a standard sized decorative pillow. Each pillow is made by hand in the USA, and comes in a choice of soft fabrics with matching braided trim. Pet owners may have their Soft-Hearted Pillow Urn personalized with their cherished pet’s name and dates. The pillow has a hidden pocket and pouch; the ashes are placed into the pouch and are then tucked securely and discreetly into the center of the pillow.

In their first year of business, Soft-Hearted Products ( has created a variety of pillow urns for all types of pets, and has distributors from as far away as Australia and New Zealand. The Soft-Hearted Pillow urn is featured in many fine boutiques, both online and in brick and mortar pet stores, and is becoming a welcome addition to Pet Funeral Parlors nationwide.

Each year over 44 million pets are cremated with remains returned to bereaved owners in generic tin containers. “Now with my Soft-Hearted Pillow when someone suffers the loss of their pet, they’ll have the comfort of something soft to hold and keep close-by,” says Moore. For more information please go to Soft Hearted FetchaBiz profile here on Leashes and Lovers, their web site or contact Patricia Moore at 888-450-4548.