New dog bed designs are available in an array of fabrics, sizes and shapes waiting to be snuggled in by your pet. The variety might overwhelm you when trying to decide what will meet both your needs in their new bed and what you want to see in your home.
You may want to consider the following features

Removable Machine Wash & Dry Cover

High quality fabric and superior insert materials

Retains body heat in cold climate / Provides airflow in warm climate

Moisture resistant or waterproof cover

Finest Fabrics Available Today in the Pet Industry

Micro-velvet & Micro-suede fabrics are beautiful in vibrant solids or prints also are easy to keep clean and actually repel pet hair. Machine wash and dry will look great and last for years. Some most popular dog bed designers use this ultra deluxe upholstery fabric such as Bowsers and Haute Pooch on their many styles and sizes of beds. 

Cordura Nylon is a high-denier fabric with the texture and look, feel of canvas.   Ballistic Nylon is similar to Cordura with a tighter smoother weave making it even stronger. Kuranda uses these fabrics on a cot style bed that is virtually indestructible.

Crypton fabrics have created a “super” fabric for pets and people with a color palette to enhance any home. Crypton fabrics are available in a wide selection of solids, designs and fabric finishes. Crypton is also a fabric choice that is resistant to bacteria, odors, and stains, mildew. This fabric repels moisture making this great for indoors and out. What more can you ask for?

High-density memory foam or high loft fiberfills are both great choices for the inside fill of your dog’s bed. Some designers are using recycled soda bottle fiberfill that is a long lasting super soft fill retaining its “fluff” factor longer. Who knew a soda bottle could be so soft?

 Making Your Final Decision – Let Your Dog Decide
Learn your dog’s sleeping habits. Does he/she stretch out? Curl up in a ball? This will help decide on the style your dog will want. If you have a teeny-tiny Chihuahua you may want a small cuddle style bed to help them feel warm and secure. The same goes if you have a Greyhound except you will want your cuddle bed in an xlarge.
Does your dog have special needs? Your beloved old pal may be aging and suffers from arthritis. Consider selecting high-density memory foam with a low profile to make stepping on their bed easier for them, yet their joints will still be protected. Look for the orthopedic quality for their bed and avoid high lofty beds for the aging pets, If they leak urine or drool excessively you will want a water resistant or waterproof bed or cover. 
To select the size, measure the full length of your dog’s body and add a few inches to make sure your dog has plenty of length in the new bed. The width should be in correct proportion.
In a Nutshell: Know your dog. For example: my dog likes my couch a little too much so I selected a bed for her designed with a high bolster around three sides. It is deep and well cushioned so her joints are protected. She loves it so she stays off my couch. It is large enough for her to stretch out in but she can also curl up and snuggle in it so it meets all of her needs and mine. 
Author – Rhonda Cornelison