Sit, Speak and Train!

Event Speaking for your Audience or Corporate Training for your Business

Sheryl Matthys, The Dog Expert is an experienced presenter in front of a crowd as a former TV news live shot reporter, commercial actress, and spokesperson for various companies at trade shows.Sheryl has been featured on Fox, Entrepreneur Magazine, Bravo, E!, Sirius, and many other media outlets.

Sheryl has interviewed business owners in the pet industry, dog lovers at events, and celebrities on the red carpet.



The Dog Expert will show you how to Unleash Your (inner) Dog and Help Change Your Life!

Speaking topics could include: • Problems in your relationships, dog out of control, not making progress in your life and lost your way? Sheryl, The Dog Expert will entertain and inform you with how these aspects are related and how to have love, life & happiness in your relationships and your life along with a more manageable dog!


Corporate Training: Media Training on how to put your best paw forward in the spotlight

Sheryl, The Dog Expert has been on both sides of the microphone as a reporter and as an interviewee. She knows what the media is after for a good story and can share that insight. She’ll share the secrets of how to provide a great interview so when the media comes calling, you’re ready. Training includes how to: • Speak in sound bites • What to say and what to wear • Questions to ask before the interview • How to prepare your 15 second pitch Want The Dog Expert to Speak or Train? Fill out a Speaking Form here.

A Best Selling book by Sheryl Matthys, The Dog Expert

Unleash the SECRET to a Better Life… with the help of your DOG