Leashes and Lovers – The Book Testimonials

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“Love me, love my dog has never been more true than in the pages of Leashes and Lovers. We are always learning from our dogs and what they haven’t taught us yet, Sheryl Matthys will.”

Susan Sims

Publisher, FIDO Friendly magazine

“For dog owners, Leashes and Lovers is a cut above th rest when it comes to improving your life and relationships with those around you.”

Jorge Bendersky

Dog Stylist, Animal Planet's Celebrity

“Finally a book that takes the words right out of my dog’s mouth! Leashes and Lovers just validated the reason why I call my dog Sasha, ‘the love of my life’…and when you read Sheryl’s book, you too will wonder why it took so long for someone to write about what ALL dog lovers need!.”

Julie Banderas

Host , FOX News Channel

“Fantastic and refreshing insight into how our dogs guide us on how to laugh, love and learn. Sheryl Matthys truly knows how to bring out the best in dogs – and people.”

Arden Moore

Host of Oh Behave! on Pet Life Radio and author of The Dog Behavior Answer Book

“We have found the relationship betwen animals and people are at the heart of the best stories…and, Sheryl brings these to light in a refreshing, brilliant look at this important bond in Leashes and Lovers.”

Lisa Alexander

President, Kaboodle Entertainment

“Dogs are the most undervalued teachers of how to trust, unconditionally love and truly live in the moment. Forget the yoga teacher and the new meditation guru, Pick up Leashes and Lovers and learn how your dog can unleash for you a more enriching life.”

Jeffry G. Brown

TV Legal Analyst, Lawyer, Adventurer

“Anyone who loves dogs will find yet another reason to call them their “best friend” after reading Leashes and Lovers.”.

Karith Foster

Comedian, Author, TV & Radio Personality, and Chihuahua Lover

“Only animal lovers allowed in Leashes and Lovers. I knew right away it was for me. You, too, can experience better relationships from the stories you’ll read in this book.”

Holly Wilensky

The Dress Recycler

“Sheryl did an outstanding job – Leashes and Lovers is a touching, funny, and inspirational book for dog lovers wanting to improve all of their relationships. You will love this book!”

Nancy E. Hassel

Founder of Long Island Pet Professionals

“I thought I knew a lot about dogs, but Leashes and Lovers digs up a few more secrets about how they can positively change our lives and relationships forever.”

Paulette Cooper Noble

Author of 277 Secrets Your Dog Wants You To Know & columnist for Palm Beach Daily News

“In Leashes and Lovers, you’ll gain insights as to the significance of what it means when our dogs share our deepest secrets, provide companionship, and faithfully stand by us. This book will make you want to sit, stay, and learn from your dog’s lessons.”

Cathy Kravitz

Artist & author of A Dog's Day

“Note to self: Fetch copy of Leashes and Lovers. Resist urge to rip pages. Drop book on owner’s lap. Stand guard until finished. We ain’t the only ones who need training”


Canine narrator of Jane May's DOGGY STYLE

“LEASHES AND LOVERS is an essential read for anyone wanting a two-legged soul mate…because as the book so aptly points out…falling in love with your dog who loves you unconditionally makes it possible for you to give and receive love in ways you never imagined.”.

Patti Lawson

The Dog Diet: What My Dog Taught Me About Shedding Pounds, Licking Stress and Getting a New Leash on Life.

“The simple way in which dogs lead their lives can teach us so much about being a better person to ourselves, our loved ones and our communities, Leashes and Lovers is a heartwarming guide to help open your mind and let go of the leash.”


The American Humane Association

“If you’re a dog-lover, you’ve got to read this book. It shows you how your relation-ships can be positively impacted by your dogIf you’re a dog-lover, you’ve got to read this book. It shows you how your relation-ships can be positively impacted by your dog.”

Peggy McColl

New York Times Best-Selling Author of Your Destiny Switch