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Is Your Dog Sabotaging Your Love Life? Take Our Quiz

Guest Post: Today’s guest post is from The Dog Expert – Sheryl Matthys, author of Leashes and Lovers: What Your Dog Can Teach You About Love, Life, and Happiness.

The Dog-O-Meter
Okay, so it’s a figurative “meter” and not literally a gadget
but it’s very powerful. Your dog can send a potent message to others about who you are, what you deem important, and even how you choose to enjoy your spare time.
So, what is YOUR dog saying about YOU? Have you ever looked at your dog and actually noticed a physical or personality resemblance to yourself?

If you’re in the market for a new relationship, let’s take a check up of how how you treat and speak to your dog, how much care you give him and the time you spend with him. How you are with your dog sends out many messages, both verbal and non-verbal.
Five Tips for Keeping an Eye on Your Dog-O-Meter:

1. Dog talk: You’ve probably heard someone yell at their dog or yank the leash; it’s not very appealing and may be an indicator of how you may treat humans.
2. Grooming is as grooming does: Are you a slob? Is your dog? Depending on what you see, it may be time for an adjustment!

3. Time is money, but money isn’t time: We spend a lot of money on our pets, but money doesn’t build relationships – time does. Do you spend more money or time on your dog? When you make more time for your dog, all of a sudden you may have time for a human partner as well.

4. Keeping it real: We may know dog owners who are more in love with the access their dog gives them. It’s easy to see how treating your new relationship might turn out in the same manner.

5. The “Mini Me Syndrome”: Some people may treat their dogs like extensions of themselves– and end up wanting their mate to be a mirror as well. Enjoy the difference of someone else’s thoughts and ideas.

Does any of this sound familiar? Is your dog indeed sabotaging your social life? Start off on the right paw and mind your Dog-o-Meter!

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