Barkless but not silent, the mischievous Basenji is a con artist of the highest order and will challenge your intelligence and sense of humor.
Vital Stats
Height: 16 to 17 inches at shoulder
Weight: 22 to 24 pounds
Coat: short and fine
Life span: 10 to 12 years

Out of Africa, the Basenji was originally found in the Congo.
He uses both scent and sight to hunt and was originally used to flush small game into a hunter’s nets and to control village rodent populations. Clever and endearing, he’s a good companion for the person or family who can stay a step ahead of him. Full Basenji profile on
[usrlist “Apartment appropriate:5” “Mouthiness:4” “Easy to groom:4” “Energy Level:3” “Need for exercise:3” “Potential for weight gain:2” “Compatible with kids:2” “Dog friendly:2” “Ease of training:2” “Friendly toward strangers:2” “Amount of shedding:2” “Watchdog ability:2″ ”
Cold tolerance:1″ “Vigor:1” ]