Developed by the Soviet Army, the Black Russian Terrier is the perfect working dog.

Vital Stats

Height: 26 to 30 inches at shoulder
Weight: 80 to 140 pounds
Coat: long and wavy
Life span: 10 to 11 years

These majestic black beauties are highly intelligent, confident guard dogs who aren’t actually true terriers.

Relatively new and still a rare breed, Black Russian Terriers are working dogs who can protect a home or business, play with the family’s children, and excel in agility and obedience competition. Known as the “Black Pearls of Russia,” Blackies are people-oriented and want to be close to the action at all times.

They tend to be a bit aloof around strangers, including dogs they don’t know, but they’re devoted to their families–and they don’t bark or shed much. They have large bones and well-developed muscles, creating a vibrant, flowing impression. Like Henry Ford’s first cars, Blackies are available in black, black, or black. Full Black Russian Terrier profile on

[usrlist “Cold tolerance:4” “Need for exercise:4” “Playfulness:4” “Sensitivity:4” “Tendency to bark or howl:4” “Wanderlust:3” “Potential for weight gain:3” “Apartment appropriate:3” “Heat Tolerance:3” “Drooling potential:3” “Energy Level:3” “Compatible with kids:2” “Dog friendly:2” “Friendly toward strangers:1”]