This breed stepped out on his own after once being considered a color variety of the English Coonhound.
Vital Stats
Height: 23 to 30 inches at the shoulder
Weight: 45 to 100 pounds
Coat: Smooth and glossy
Life span: 10 to 12 years

Fast and muscular, the Bluetick stands out for his striking coat. He has a pleasantly pleading expression and a big bawl mouth–meaning he has a long, drawn out bark.

Although he’s a hunter first and foremost, the Bluetick can be a fine housedog and loves his people. Full Bluetick Coonhound profile on
[usrlist “Need for exercise:5” “Wanderlust:5” “Compatible with kids:4” “Dog friendly:4″ ”
Drooling potential:2″ “Friendly toward strangers:2” “Heat Tolerance:2” “Mouthiness:2” “Playfulness:2” “Sensitivity:2” “Amount of shedding:2” “Watchdog ability:2” “Apartment appropriate:1” ]