This graceful sighthound is poetry in motion.
Vital Stats
Height: 26 to 32 inches at shoulder
Weight: 55 to 105 pounds (males average 90 pounds, females average 70 pounds)
Coat: long and silky
Life span: 10 to 14 years

Borzoi were developed in Russia as coursing and hunting dogs. These hounds were hunted in teams of three to go after rabbit, fox, and wolves. They later became popular as a companion for royalty across continental Europe.

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[usrlist “Affectionate with family:4” “Amount of shedding:4” “Apartment appropriate:4″ ”
Cold tolerance:4″ “Good for new owners:4” “Predatory tendencies:4” “Heat Tolerance:3″ ”
Friendly toward strangers:3″ “Need for exercise:3” “Mouthiness:2” “Compatible with kids:2” “Ease of training:2” “Vigor:2” “Watchdog ability:2” ]