Vital Stats

Height: 12 to 15 inches at shoulder

Weight: 40 to 50 pounds

Coat: short and smooth

Life span:
8 to 12 years


Bulldogs originally were used to drive cattle to market and to compete in a bloody sport called bullbaiting. Today, they’re gentle companions who love kids.

A brief walk and a nap on the sofa is just their speed.  Full Bulldog profile on
[usrlist “Affectionate with family:5” “Friendly toward strangers:5” “Vigor:5” “Predatory tendencies:4” “Mouthiness:4” “Playfulness:3” “Ease at being home alone:3″ ”
Watchdog ability:3″ “Dog friendly:2” “Easy to groom:2” “Energy Level:2” “Cold tolerance:1” “General health:1” “Heat Tolerance:1” ]