Sheryl Matthys, The Dog Expert
Spring, 2009
The Dog Expert, Sheryl Matthys is finding out what wags your tail regarding relationship topics for Dog Lovers.

Tell The Dog Expert how your dog affects your human relationships for “better or for worse” whether you’re single or in a relationship.
Got a Dilemma? Ask The Dog Expert

The Dog Expert:
I like to dress up my male dogs in clothes even when it nice outside just because it’s fun. But, lately my friends make fun of this saying my dogs look like girls. I like all colors, and I don’t think they realize how insulting this is to me. It’d be the same as if I told them their male children looked like girls. Why don’t they see the connection?
Signed “love boys with clothes on”
Dear “love boys with clothes on”,
I like boys with clothes off, but I digress. My guess is your friends don’t always remember your dogs are male, and if they do, what makes them think your boys feel girly in their garb? Chances are your friends are uncomfortable with the idea of putting clothes on dogs, period. And this might be their way of telling you that. But don’t back down. Until some people have a dog, it’s difficult for them to understand the closeness one can feel to ones dog and that to you these are your children. If you like it, as many dog lovers do, than continue. After all, dogs are extensions of us … and if you want them to look good for a walk around the block, then it’s your choice. However, a studded black leather collar never hurts now and then.
Sheryl Matthys, The Dog Expert

Author Bio: Sheryl Matthys is The Dog Expert, a dog trainer, and Founder of Leashes and Lovers. Sheryl Matthys talks with dog lovers on how their dogs impact their personal relationships and doles out advice, tips, and information everything dog. Leashes and Lovers offers online connections on FetchaFriend where dog lovers can connect for friendship, networking, doggie playdates, same breed of dog, find products/services, a date or even possibly love! Sheryl has two children, two greyhounds and is a certified dog trainer. She’s a former TV/radio newsreporter and adjunct professor for the Univ. of Notre Dame, St. Mary’s, and Indiana University – SB.