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Grandma Knew Best on a Clean, Pet Friendly House

by Sheryl Matthys, The Dog Expert & Founder of LeashesandLovers.com

There are so many products on the market today and while some work better than others – I personally prefer a natural remedy for the protection of my dogs and young children.

My Greyhounds, Shiraz and Buffett, ages 6 & 11 have had their share of accidents in the home. We had a friend’s dog over recently and my eldest dog let this guest know who was boss and immediately marked her territory on our rug!

My dogs will chew grass on occasion only to come inside and aim their vomit on a rug, ignoring all the hardwood floors and tile that surround them. Or they get a knick on their skin and before we realize it, there is a trail of blood throughout the house on the floors, rugs, carpet and bedding.

First – maybe you smell it, but can’t figure out where your pet had their accident or decided to mark. Black lights have more of a purpose now than just for a 70’s theme party. A black light will spot the “glow” of urine allowing you the first stop toward clean up.

If it’s a urine accident for example, here is one oldie but goodie remedy from who else but good ol’ Grandma. She cleaned with simple White Vinegar that is inexpensive and effective. You may want to crack a window before you begin to air out the room as it does it’s magic.

First, wipe up and/or blot the mess with paper towels whether it’s on carpet or flooring.  Next, mix 3 parts water to 1 part white vinegar and your ready to clean and desensitize the smell.

If it happened on wood floors or tile, simply wipe up, use the solution, then mop.  If it took place on carpet, wipe up the mess, saturate the spot with your solution, then blot. Next, sprinkle baking soda over it and let it sit a little while. Mix together 3/4 cup of hydrogen peroxide and one teaspoon of dish detergent. Sparingly sprinkle this on top of the baking soda, scrub with a brush, let it dry, then vacuum away the stain and smell. This may need to be repeated.

If this sounds like to much to do, here are a few brands that work well: Febreze® Pet Odor Eliminator, Nature’s Miracle, Simple Solution, Capture Pet Stain and Odor Neutralizer, 8 in 1 Complete Pet Stain and Odor Remover, and Urine be Gone.

I like Simple Solution because it’s nontoxic and it’s been effective on my stains and odors for urine, vomit, feces, and other items. It uses bacterial enzymes to rid the odor and detergents for the stain removal.

Then, relax knowing you have a fresh, clean house and one that shouldn’t have smells lurking to remind you, your guests or your pets of what took place in the past, but rather enjoy the present.