While I admit, it’s hard to be disciplined with myself, I can be a bit more so with my dogs.  But, even now and then I slip them an extra treat as it makes them so happy!  But, since we are the one in charge of how much, when and what they eat – they need us to be consistent and provide them with healthy choices.
So here are a few tips on how much to feed your dog.


*  Newborn pups under 3 months of age – 4 times a day
*  Puppies 3 to 6 months of age – 3 times a day
*  Adult dogs – once or twice a day

The serving size will depend on the brand you are using.

Quality:   There are customized foods for size, age, health, and even certain breeds!   There’s dry, wet, raw food, freshly prepared foods to name a few with more choices it seems on the market everyday.   If you do switch brands or type of food, introduce it gradually in your dogs dish for at least 2 weeks with a little bit more of the new and less of the old everyday.

Routine:  Dogs like routine and it’s best if they are fed about the same time each day and be diligent about sticking to it.  That way it’s easier to monitor how often they need to go out as well to fit your schedule.

Speaking of routine, my dogs got on this habit of getting a treat after every time they go out.  While greyhounds don’t have to worry about a weight problem, they still need healthy food.  I give them a Dogswell treat every time because they are so varied in style and my dog’s love them.

Nutrition is critical to a dog’s health and we all want our dog to live as long as possible!!

Author Bio: Sheryl Matthys is The Dog Expert, a dog trainer, and Founder of Leashes and Lovers.  Sheryl talks with dog owners about how their dogs impact their lifestyle and relationships and offers information, advice and tips regarding dogs.   In addition to a psychology degree and a master’s in Radio/TV, Sheryl is a columnist; professional actress; former TV/Radio news reporter and adjunct professor at the University of Notre Dame, St. Mary’s and Indiana University. SB.   She resides in NYC with her two greyhounds and two children.

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