This Poodle-Golden Retriever cross is a gentle, affectionate socialite.

Vital Stats

Height: Miniature, 13 to 20 inches at shoulder; Small Standard, 17 to 20 inches at shoulder; Large Standard, 20 to 24 inches at shoulder
Weight: Miniature, 15 to 35 pounds; Small Standard, 40 to 50 pounds; Large Standard, 50 to 90 pounds
Coat: medium-length and wavy
Life span: 10 to 15 years or more

The Goldendoodle is a “designer dog,” a hybrid resulting from breeding a Poodle with a Golden Retriever. Like all other designer “breeds,” the Goldendoodle is not truly a breed of its own, but is a crossbreed–and in this case, a cross that is enjoying growing popularity. Full Goldendoodle profile on

[usrlist “Cold tolerance:5” “Dog friendly:5” “Intelligence:5” “Mouthiness:5” “Need for exercise:5” “Predatory tendencies:5” “Tendency to bark or howl:4” “Compatible with kids:4” “Ease at being home alone:4” “Ease of training:4” “Easy to groom:4” “Heat Tolerance:4” “Drooling potential:3” “Amount of shedding:2”]