This loyal and spirited dog is full of terrier attitude and spunk.

Vital Stats

Height: 18 to 20 inches at shoulder
Weight: 25 to 27 pounds
Coat: dense and wiry or short and glossy
Life span: 12 to 16 years

The Irish Terrier was once described as the “poor man’s sentinel, the farmer’s friend, and the gentleman’s favorite.” Rugged and stouthearted, he has the advantages of a convenient size, versatile abilities as a companion, watchdog, and vermin dispatcher, and high trainability.

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[usrlist “Affectionate with family:5” “Mouthiness:5” “Cold tolerance:4” “Compatible with kids:4” “Heat Tolerance:4” “Friendly toward strangers:4” “Ease at being home alone:3” “Ease of training:3” “Apartment appropriate:3” “Vigor:3” “Watchdog ability:3” “Dog friendly:2” “Easy to groom:2”]