An attractive prospect from Holland begins to hunt new friends in America.
Vital Stats
Height: 14 to 16 inches at shoulder
Weight: 20 to 25 pounds
Coat: thick and medium-length
Life span: 12 to 14 years

This good-natured hunting dog makes an affectionate family companion. Suspected to be an ancestor of the Nova Scota Duck Tolling Retriever, he hails from Holland and was used to lure ducks into traps for hunting or tagging.

He still serves as a hunting dog, but also excels at other dog sports such as flyball. Full Kooikerhondje profile on
[usrlist “Need for exercise:5” “Vigor:5” “Intelligence:4” “Energy Level:4” “Easy to groom:3” “Heat Tolerance:3” “Affectionate with family:3” “Amount of shedding:3” “Compatible with kids:3” “Dog friendly:3” “Ease at being home alone:2” “Friendly toward strangers:2” “Good for new owners:1” “Apartment appropriate:1” ]