The happy and intelligent Maltese Shih Tzu is a joy to train.

Vital Stats

Height: about 10 inches at shoulder
Weight: 6 to 12 pounds
Coat: long and silky
Life span: 12 to 14 years

The Maltese Shih Tzu, also known as the Mal-Shi, Malti zu, and the Malt-Tzu, is a hybrid. One of the few “designer dogs” not originating with a Poodle, and therefore not one of the ubiquitous “Poo” or “Doodle” hybrids, the adaptable Maltese Shih Tzu is an adorable, sweet little guy with a long name.

Created with the same goal as the Doodles–to be a small companion who doesn’t shed much and is therefore more appropriate for people with allergies–the Maltese Shih Tzu is a classic cross, a sweet lapdog who likes to play with the kids. Full Maltese Shih Tzu profile on

[usrlist “Amount of shedding:5” “Good for new owners:5” “Friendly toward strangers:4” “Compatible with kids:4” “Dog friendly:4” “Playfulness:4” “Potential for weight gain:3” “Sensitivity:3” “Tendency to bark or howl:2” “Easy to groom
:2” “Mouthiness:2” “Need for exercise:2” “Drooling potential:1” “Predatory tendencies:1”]