The Dog Expert, Sheryl Matthys is finding out what wags your tail regarding relationship topics for Dog Lovers.

Tell The Dog Expert how your dog affects your human relationships for “better or for worse” whether you’re single or in a relationship.

Got a Dilemma? Ask the Dog Expert

Dear Dog Expert:
I thought I made sure that any guy I became interested in likes dogs. But, this great guy I just met says he’s a “cat person” and not into dogs. Normally I would just blow him off, but I really like this guy! What should I do?  Signed, Why must he love only Cats and not Dogs?

Dear “Why must he love only Cats and not Dogs?”
Early love or lust can blind us from what we really know in our guts. Why is it when people reveal things about themselves that’s not the answer we want to hear, we think if we ignore it — it’ll go away or better yet, fix itself? He has earnestly revealed that he’s just “not into dogs.”  While you’re hoping he’ll change, he’s already not figuring on any long term commitment with you.  So his being a “cat person” with someone who is a dog lover is a non-issue to him.  I don’t think your relationship can withstand something like this because it’s obviously bothering you… and you just met him.  After all, petting won’t be much fun if he is only concerned about stroking HIS pussycat.   So don’t let puppy love lead you astray. 

Keep looking and keep in mind “must love dogs!”

Sheryl Matthys, The Dog Expert

Author Bio:  Sheryl Matthys is The Dog Expert – by night so to speak, a dog trainer, and Founder of Leashes and Lovers. Sheryl Matthys talks with dog lovers on how their dogs impact their personal relationships and doles out advice, tips, and information everything dog. Leashes and Lovers offers online connections on FetchaFriend where dog lovers can connect for friendship, networking, doggie playdates, same breed of dog, find products/services, a date or even possibly love! Sheryl has two children, two greyhounds and is a certified dog trainer. She’s a former TV/radio newsreporter and adjunct professor for the Univ. of Notre Dame, St. Mary’s, and I