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Leashes and Lovers

“Tonight, a single’s mixer for dog fanciers with the S&M sounding name ‘Leashes and Lovers.’
Co-host Michelle Kennedy, 30. who met her hubby Kevin in Central Park while he was walking a golden retriever: “It wasn’t even his!  He was actually dog-sitting for a friend who was on his honeymoon. The dog turned out to be a terror, his apartment had hundreds of dollar’s worth of damage! It broke his answering machine and air purifier. He was like, ‘At least I got Michelle out of this.” And now we have Michelle to bring the rest of us together.

There will be prizes, music, the dreaded “ice-breaker activities” and the inevitable “funny guy” working the invisible-dog-on-the-leash gimmick.
‘People will have a lot to talk about,’ Ms. Kennedy said, a bit too insistently. ‘Do you have pets? It’s like ‘What’s wrong with you? Dog people are extra-friendly, and they’re excited to meet people like themselves. They’re like ‘Here are my people!’ Bring newspaper…to read.”

Photo Courtesy of Karen Ngo www.KarenNgo.com