Leashes and Lovers Event Encourages Pet Adoption

At a recent Leashes and Lovers “Dog Days of Summer Pool Party,” was full of lively, well-behaved and fashionable pooches. Their party could have put most humans to shame – what fun!

The decked-out divas strutted their stuff poolside while others practiced their surf moves atop doggie-style boogie boards. Proud parents watched as their beloved pets doggie-paddled their way around the pool. Leashes and Lovers donates a portion of the profits from monthly events like these to the Animal Haven shelter.

We were proud to escort two of Animal Haven’s adoptable dogs to the event. We immediately fell in love with Vespa and Piglet and praised them to every worthy potential owner at the event. With leads graciously donated by Smitherman & Barnwell, the posh pooches were looking fine.

Every New York City pet owner is encouraged to attend and support events, such as those hosted by Leashes and Lovers, which benefit the adoption of homeless animals and the shelters that diligently work to place them into loving homes. We were lucky enough to find our best furry friend at a shelter.

Knowing that you were able to rescue an animal’s life and showering it with love and care creates and invaluable return on investment that lasts a lifetime.