The high-spirited Norfolk Terrier is a small dog with a hugely charming personality.

Vital Stats

Height: 9 to 10 inches at shoulder
Weight: 11 to 12 pounds
Coat: scruffy and wiry
Life span: 12 to 15 years or more

The Norfolk Terrier is what’s considered a “big dog in a small package.”

Alert, gregarious, and nimble, he’s a loyal companion with the heart of a working terrier. Full Norfolk Terrier profile on
[usrlist “Easy to groom:5” “Potential for weight gain:4” “Tendency to bark or howl:4” “Vigor:4” “Wanderlust:4” “Watchdog ability:4” “Friendly toward strangers:4” “General health:4” “Heat Tolerance:4” “Intelligence:4” “Need for exercise:4” “Amount of shedding:4” “Apartment appropriate:4” “Compatible with kids:4”]