This unusual breed has an amazing range of motion and serious climbing skills.

Vital Stats

Height: 12.5 to 15 inches at shoulder
Weight: 13 to 16 pounds
Coat: Medium-length and dense
Life span: 10 to 12 years

With six toes on each foot–all of them double- or triple-jointed–and an amazing range of motion, this agile dog was used to scale cliffs and rob puffin nests of their eggs.

Along with his acrobatic talents, he has a knack for barking and digging, making him a good choice only if you’re prepared to give him lots of supervision and training. He’s very tough to housetrain. Full Norwegian Lundehund profile on

[usrlist “Playfulness:5” “Predatory tendencies:4” “Vigor:4” “Affectionate with family:4” “Amount of shedding:4” “Energy Level:4” “General health:4” “Need for exercise:4” “Mouthiness:3” “Watchdog ability:3” “Potential for weight gain:3” “Friendly toward strangers:2” “Ease of training:1” “Good for new owners:1”]