This small, fetching redhead is a smart, happy retriever with boundless energy.

Vital Stats

Height: 17 to 21 inches at shoulder
Weight: 35 to 50 pounds
Coat: red, medium-length, water-repellant
Life span: 10 to 14 years

The Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever was created to both lure and retrieve waterfowl.

This versatile breed excels in the field and show ring, in obedience and agility, and as a companion to an active family. Full Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever profile on
[usrlist “Intelligence:5” “Predatory tendencies:5” “Potential for weight gain:4” “Compatible with kids:4” “Dog friendly:4” “Ease of training:4” “Energy Level:4” “Friendly toward strangers:3” “Easy to groom:3” “Drooling potential:3” “Vigor:3” “Wanderlust:3” “General health:2” “Good for new owners:2”]