How Your Dog Keeps You Healthy – Maria Menounos says who helps her when she’s sick

Maria Menounos tells Sheryl Matthys, The Dog Expert it’s not just an apple a day that keeps her feeling well.

Since Mom may not be able to be at your side when youre feeling under the weather, guess who can help? Yes, its Fido to the rescue and not just when youre sick! Heres how your dog lifts your spirits and you may not even realize it.

Access Hollywoods Maria Menounos says her dogs, including her healing Poodle are at her bedside any time shes sick. Why are dogs such great furry medics?

First, dogs make us laugh so laugh! The big benefit to laughing is it helps you look younger (I love that!) Because, while laughing, your facial muscles are working out which increases the blood flow around your face.

Secondly, youve got to play! Playing with your dog (or any dog) can lead to: reduced risk of heart disease, decreased stress, lower blood pressure, a boosted immune system, reduce blood sugar levels, a natural painkiller and anti-depressant.

So whats stopping you? Its not just an apple a daybut Fido everyday to help you get out and play!


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March 18, 2009