The Dog Expert
Jan. 2009
The Dog Expert, Sheryl Matthys is finding out what wags your tail regarding relationship topics for Dog Lovers.

Tell The Dog Expert how your dog affects your human relationships for “better or for worse” whether you’re single or in a relationship
Got a Dilemma? Ask the Dog Expert

The Dog Expert:
I met this guy who said he loved dogs and we’ve recently moved in together after several months of dating and I’m discovering now he doesn’t like my Chihuahua. He calls it a rat! I tried to make sure my potential mate loved dogs. How should I handle this situation? Puppy Love Lost
Dear Puppy Love Lost:
You’ve been in the honeymoon period. We’re always on our best behavior in those initial months of dating. But, now that you’re living together you’re both beginning to reveal your true colors and feelings on certain aspects. He does seem to be teasing you a bit, but he’s also being insensitive to your feelings and love for your dog in doing so. So when he pokes fun at your small dog, he is demeaning to you.

Explain to him why you’re attached to your dog and how it is an extension of yourself. He seems like he’s a manly man and is having a hard time identifying with such a small dog. I suspect he may be embarrassed to walk it, hold it, etc. as he fears some may question his manhood. Would you two consider getting an additional dog that would be more “his dog” so he too can experience the joy of a relationship with a dog? Hopefully, that could make you all one happy pack.
Sheryl, The Dog Expert
Author Bio: Sheryl Matthys is The Dog Expert, a dog trainer, and Founder of Leashes and Lovers, Sheryl Matthys talks with dog lovers on how their dogs impact their personal relationships and doles out advice, tips, and information everything dog. Leashes and Lovers offers online connections on FetchaFriend where dog lovers can connect for friendship, networking, doggie playdates, same breed of dog, find products/services, a date or even possibly love! Sheryl has two children, two greyhounds and is a certified dog trainer. She’s a former TV/radio newsreporter and adjunct professor for the Univ. of Notre Dame, St. Mary’s, and Indiana University – SB.