Many medical practices have progressed over the years to address a variety of illnesses and discomforts that patients feel everyday.  Although many medical discoveries have been developed and focused mainly on the human body, some have ventured into healing therapy that people can experience and surprisingly share as well with their animal companions.  This unique process is the practice of Reiki.

A Bond in Healing

According to, reiki (pronounced as RAY-KEE) is the Japanese term for “universal life force energy”, wherein the human body is filled with natural energy in which its purpose is to remove blockages of the energy flow.  It was written that these were the causes of the illnesses people encounter, to which the healer serves to help the patient in removing these energy clogs, allowing the body to rejuvenate itself.

Reiki can be used on animals that are experiencing discomforts or “silent pain” which may derive from stress or aches around its body.  It can also be used for aged pets, those undergoing pre and post-surgery, chronic problems, and even those that are dying. The healing process of Reiki works wonderfully on the patient and creates a bond between the Reiki practitioner and the animal.  It is a simple and relaxing method that anyone can use when feeling low on the energy levels or if their pets are in need of a good and relieving session.

How Reiki Works

Reiki can be applied to all sorts of animals such as dogs, cats, pigs, snakes, turtles, etc (fishes would have to be an exemption).  It has been used in various animal shelters, helping pets to relax and recover from injury, operations, and to adjust to new environments.  The procedure is basically hands on, similar to a body massage, and is being practiced in a safe and quiet area.  The animal, a puppy for example, may stand or lie on the person’s lap to be treated, as long as the animal permits it.  The mutual understanding between human and animal is very essential in the art of Reiki, which is why permission from both ends is necessary.

Reiki sessions last about thirty to forty minutes and would have to be conducted in a number of consecutive days.  According to, first-time Reiki patients would prefer the first experience with Reiki energy to be a short distance away as this provides freedom to move around and savor its healing properties.

To Compliment and Improve

Many pet owners have wondered about the potential abilities of Reiki, thinking that it could be the alternative to expensive consultations, medicines and operations.  On the contrary, Reiki deals with the natural energies of the body and does not cure physiological diseases completely.  The therapy compliments the treatments being applied on the animal by relieving pains, certain side effects and promoting recovery, thus it cannot be depended on entirely.
To be sure, Reiki has become the pet lover’s way of healing their faithful companions.  Not only will Reiki aid the animal in its recuperation, its entire body would become more active, have higher energy levels, and would develop great improvements in their temperament towards their owners and its environment.