The playful Schnoodle loves nothing more than to be the center of his family’s attention.

Vital Stats

Height: Toy, 10 to 12 inches at shoulder; Miniature, 12 to 15 inches at shoulder; Standard, 15 to 26 inches at shoulder
Weight: Toy, 6 to 10 pounds; Miniature, 13 to 20 pounds; Standard, 20 to 75 pounds
Coat: soft and wavy
Life span: 10 to 15 years

What a pistol! Smart, active, and adorable, the Schnoodle has become a popular hybrid. He’s a cross between the Poodle and the Schnauzer and can be found in many colors. Ranging from six to 76 pounds, the Schnoodle has a place as a lap dog, a family dog, a therapy dog, or a performance dog.

The vast majority of them are small dogs. The appeal of this hybrid is that they generally have the Poodle’s willingness to please mixed with the sturdiness and activity of the Schnauzer. Playful and lovable, this dog lives to have fun and is always the center of attention. Full Schnoodle profile on
[usrlist “Drooling potential:5” “Easy to groom:5” “Good for new owners:5” “Tendency to bark or howl:5” “Sensitivity:4” “Potential for weight gain:4” “Potential for weight gain:4” “Ease of training:4” “Affectionate with family:4” “Amount of shedding:3” “Dog friendly:3” “Predatory tendencies:3” “Vigor:3” “Watching ability:3”]


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