This brave and jaunty little aristocrat is loved, respected, and adored for all his idiosyncrasies.
Vital Stats
Height: 10 inches at shoulder
Weight: 18 to 22 pounds
Coat: hard, wiry topcoat
Life span: 11 to 13 years

An independent and stubborn character, the Scottish Terrier is also quite sensitive to praise and blame. Independent, intelligent, and hilarious in his dignified seriousness, he’s a true terrier, which makes him an excellent watchdog.

Thanks to those incredibly short legs, he’s not going to train for a marathon with you–heck, he won’t even go jogging with you–but he is a perfect walking companion, especially if you appreciate his vocal approach to bicycles and squirrels. Despite his size, he doesn’t yap: he has a powerful bark that can scare the wits out of the unsuspecting burglar or delivery person.

He totally rocks at agility and earthdog trials (those vermin have got to go). You’ll enjoy a rodent-free yard with him around, but watch out for the holes he’s dug. Full Scottish Terrier profile on
[usrlist “Compatible with kids:4” “Affectionate with family:4” “General health:4” “Heat Tolerance:4” “Watchdog ability:4” “Potential for weight gain:3” “Sensitivity:3” “Wanderlust:3” “Good for new owners:3” “Amount of shedding:3” “Drooling potential:3” “Ease of training:3” “Easy to groom:2”]