Kroger Pet Insurance
June, 2010

Top 8 Reasons To Take Your Dog To Work

Kroger Pet Insurance thinks it’s a great idea to take your dog to work and as The Dog Expert, I agree.  With Leashes and Lovers, I get to work at home so my dog gets to be with me everyday but if you need an excuse for your boss – here are 8 REASONS to help you out.

And, who knows your coworkers just may get used to your new cubicle partner! While it’s just a day, in dog years it’s more like a week of bliss!You’re dog is obedience-trained, house-broken, well-groomed, socialized, and ultra-friendly.   Even the people in your life who you wouldn’t consider “dog people” compliment your dog’s behavior and seem to enjoy his company.  In fact, to you, your trusty pal is more like a person than an animal.  So why not take him to work?

Well, that’s not as crazy an idea as you might first think.  In fact, June 25th is “Take Your Dog To Work Day” (which is actually a week in dog time), so you’re not alone in thinking that you and your dog might make great cubicle partners.  But just how realistic is it to expect your boss to be agreeable to the idea and your dog well-mannered enough to keep you from having egg on your face?

Increasingly, employers are allowing dogs in the workplace.  While there are a few high-profile dog-loving companies out there, the chances are that you might need to spearhead a movement to convince your boss, or bosses, that bringing your dog to work is a good idea.  How to go about that?  Well, for starters, it might help to understand the pros and cons of dogs in the office:

The Top 8 Reasons To Bring Your Dog To Work:

1.  He’s smarter than some of your co-workers.  While you may have already told some of them that you feel this way, having your dog in the office will go a long way toward finally proving or disproving your long-standing (and likely annoying) theory.  And so long as he doesn’t prove smarter than your boss, things should be okay.

2.  You won’t have to lock him in the garage or the kennel anymore.  Although our dogs are den animals and generally don’t mind hibernating in their kennels throughout the day, a field trip to the office may be a fun way to break up the week for both you and him.

3.  Everything is less stressful with your dog by your side.  Therapy dogs are sent to hospitals for a reason… And since Bowser exists without a care in the world, when your boss informs you he’ll need the TPS reports faxed by the end of the day and you think you might lose it, just consult your pup’s doe eyes and wagging tail for comfort that “everything’s gonna be ok.”

4Your co-workers won’t have to listen to your dog stories anymore.  Indeed, with your dog by your side, telling dog stories would seem redundant, especially since you’re normally only telling dog stories because you miss him so much.

5.  No more crumbs around your desk.  In fact, probably not much food around your desk at all because your dog is smart enough to take advantage of situations.  If he steals something from the table at home, there is likely a price to pay.  At work, though, he knows that you are trying to keep a low profile on behalf of both of you.  He’ll not only clean up around your desk, he’ll take any food he can reach and then look at you as though there’s really nothing you can do about it.  And he’s right…which makes him not only smarter than your co-workers but also considerably smarter than you.

6.  He won’t drive your neighbors crazy while you’re at work.  Your next door neighbor might finally smile at you at the mailbox once your dog pulls the 9-5 shift, eliminating barking in the backyard or howling at sirens interrupting her afternoon soap operas.

7.  He’ll get that lunchtime walk that you always felt guilty about not giving him.  Exercise for both of you… Once around the block, to the park down the street or a quick trip to a dog park will make for an enjoyable break from your desk and bonding time Fido will appreciate all weeklong.

8.  He’ll get plenty of interaction with other people and, perhaps, dogs. Socialization with people and other pets at work is just one more way to mold your dog into the polite, friendly pooch you know he wants to be. You can train him to sit while he’s greeted by coworkers, lay down while he’s near your desk and how to politely coexist with other animals in the work place. Plus you won’t have to feel guilty about leaving him home in his kennel for the majority of the work week.

If you’re thinking of making your dog a regular around the office, construction site, fishing boat or wherever you call “work” you might consider protecting him against common work-related injuries. Construction workers wear hard hats and gloves and rely on health insurance for a reason and Fido should too. You never know when he might hammer away at a nail, miss and hit his paw or get wiley with the stapler in your cubicle. Protect your best friend at home and on the job with pet insurance.