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A Dog Person’s Guide to Finding Love

If you have a dog, you have a Valentine! So we’re celebrating Valentine’s Day for an entire week with tips for sharing and celebrating the love of a dog.

Did you know that you’re living with the ultimate date magnet? He’s the one right over there asleep in his food bowl. His charm, good looks and sociable canine demeanor are all you need to lock in your Valentine date.

It’s not that you’re not a catch too. It’s just that you can trust your pup to help loosen up the eligible prospects with a few friendly wags. No cheesy opening lines necessary.

For tips on following the leash to love, we asked Sheryl Matthys, The Dog Expert, certified dog trainer and founder of for a few professional pointers.

Here goes:
Dog on the Scene.
Take your dog with you wherever you can. His mere presence will make you seem more approachable and fun. And really, who can resist petting him (and meeting you in the process)?

Meet Cute.
If your dog’s size and looks are a bit intimating, bring treats and offer them to others to share with your dog. They’ll become involved by rewarding your dog and see that he’s really just a sheep in wolves clothing.

Follow the Leash.
Dog noses know a good thing. They have 220 million smell receptors on that adorable little sniffer (compared to just 5 million for us). So follow their nose to a date that they’ll be happy to have around.

Dogs First.
Let your dog initiate the first move toward conversation. His happy, furry presence will not only make the introduction feel natural, but you’ll have something to talk about while your potential date gives him a pet.

No Pooch Smooching.
Not everyone can envision kissing the face that has just smooched a dog. Save those kisses for later.

The Scoop:
Cross leashes with the pet person you’ve been looking for – for romance or friendship. These tried and true websites can lead the way.

Photo courtesy of Todd Connor Photography